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Through the support of sponsors, cultural enrichment programs, out reach activities and other donations, both in-kind and financial, students are given the opportunity to become actively engaged and participants in opportunities that provide an open door to information, programs, people, places and activities which they otherwise would not have access to.

R.O.Y. acts as a catalyst to open the minds of children to their possibilities and to help them to see their potential. Dedicated men and women, volunteers, give their time, talent and resources to R.O.Y. This is done for the specific purpose of aiding in meeting the needs of children which directly impacts and can alter the trajectory of their lives’ path. The goal is to help each and every child or student become active participants in society using their own gifts and talents. Using a variance of tools and avenues to act as a catalyst to meet the needs identified as essential for the growth and development of the youth, R.O.Y actively works to make contacts and bring aboard sponsors that can either assist financially or through providing in kind goods, services or materials to help meet the need identified, whatever and where ever that need might be.


R.O.Y. has been called upon to act as an advocate for children and young adults while it also acts as a voice that speaks out quite frequently on the needs of children and encouraging citizens, local governmental officials as well as those in authority to make children/students a priority and not an afterthought.


R.O.Y. introduces those children identified as underserved to educational programs, and opportunities which expands their gamut of learning. This includes children in the United States as well as children who live abroad. Featured within R.O,Y’s design components are tools that acts as a vehicle to create, cultivate and implement programs to increase reading, writing and comprehension skills.


R.O.Y. works along side of other individuals, companies, corporations, and organizations to expand the minds of children through utilizing the arts in education children/students are introduced to live theatre; to concerts that offer an introduction to different kinds and styles of music. It also works along side of the performing arts programs to encourage students to become involved in learning to play an instrument, express themselves through speech, drama or dance and to appreciate art. It seeks out sponsors that will provide tickets and other opportunities, free of charge which directly opens the door to these introduction programs at sometimes prestigious venues which offer entertainment and visual masterpieces.


R.O.Y. encourages students with the desire and potential, to study science, math and technology which can act as vital tools to help them acquire gainful employment and a skill set for survival in this century.


When students/children are traveling outside of the United States to other countries, R.O.Y. acts as the coordinator to bring together the coverage needed through the support and embrace of the U S State Department, City, County and State Government to insure that all safe mechanisms are in place.

R.O.Y. can and has acted as the coordinator, gathering important information, making the necessary contacts to assure that travel arrangements and hotel or housing accommodations are secure and in place. Included is working independently or along side of other participating organizations to make arrangements for visitation to various venues that are important to the educational growth of the students.

If the travel is within the United States, R.O.Y. will act as the coordinator for the children/students traveling.


R.O.Y. is actively engaged in teaching students to give back, by encouraging students to be actively engaged in serving others who are less fortunate.


R.O.Y. encourages students to understand their rights as citizens as well as learn all the information available about those political figures who govern the city, county, state and nation in which they live.


When called upon, R.O.Y. acts as a vehicle to make those contacts needed that can provide financial assistance or in kind donations as well as coordinate and disburse clothing, shoes, toys/gifts, food and other needed items for children. When called upon, it can connect parents to important services and information that can meet health and welfare needs of the child/children. When called upon and a specific need has been identified for students/children, R.O.Y. creates the vehicle and the opportunity by acting as a coordinator to bring together resources that have been identified as needed to bring a resolve to the need.


When called upon: R.O.Y. also acts as publicist to reach electronic and print media for programs that emphasize the accomplishments of children.


In conclusion: R.O.Y. is a SERVICE tool that exist for the purpose of serving children. It acts on their behalf. It is a creator, developer and implementer of programs that promotes the development and learning potential for children/students in all areas.

To obtain information regarding background information on the coordinator, Wini Jackson, or her biographical information, please e-mail your request to: roy@reclaimingouryouth.org


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